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Improving Your Golf Score by Dialing In On Your Yardages

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

How many times have you heard the advice to “work on your short game from 100 yards and in”? It’s important to take the time on the driving range or golf course to figure out how far you hit your wedges. If you carry the following wedges in your bag: a 52, a 56, and a 60 degree lofted wedge, find out how far you hit each one of them with a quarter swing, half swing, three quarter swing, and a full swing. When you swing, try to keep the same tempo (swing speed) with each wedge.

Measuring Exact Yardages

I like to spend time on the short game area with my wedges and my Bushnell to measure exact yardages. I am amazed at how it flows over onto the golf course knowing that I hit my 60 degree wedge with a 1/4 swing 20 yards, 1/2 swing 30 yards, 3/4 swing 40 yards, and a full swing with the 60 degree 50 yards.

Take the necessary time to document these yardages for each club. You will develop a sense of feel for the different yardages. Your short game will improve dramatically, which will result in lower scores.

Hit the Ball and THEN Brush the Grass

One of the keys to being successful with the short game distances is to hit the ball first, then brush the grass for approximately 2 inches past the ball. In order to consistently hit the ball first, use this system:

  1. Have your hands slightly ahead of the ball at address.
  2. Have 60 percent of your weight on your left foot at address.
  3. Let your hands lead the clubhead at impact.

Did you know the day after Thanksgiving is the most popular day for golfing? See you out on the course!