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Improving the Golf Course Details-Tee Markers

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

The Golf Course Maintenance team at Golden Ocala recently gave all the tee markers at the club a fresh new look for the upcoming fall season.


Felix and Eric, members of the maintenance team, gave each tee marker a detailed cleaning. The cleaning process began with a 24 hour soak in a special cleaning solution. The process was then followed by hand scrubbing all markers to get rid of any loose materials.


Felix and Eric cleaning the tee markers.


The Tee Markers were then primed with a spray primer that fortified the surface and made them ready for their paint application.


Priming the Tee Markers.


There are five different sets of tee markers used at Golden Ocala. In the photo below you can see each station painting their set a different color.  Each hole needs to have 2 of each color for a total of 10 markers per hole.  With 18 holes on the golf course, 180 markers were prepped along with an additional 20 spare markers.


Painting the Tee Markers

After applying 2 coats of paint, the markers were then allowed to dry inside over night. They are strategically placed away from any possible moisture that could affect their finish.


The tee markers are safely drying awaiting their gloss coat.

The Finish

After one more coat of clear gloss, the markers were ready for the golf course.  We built two separate templates to transport the markers to the club to prevent any damage.


The tee markers are ready to be transported to the club.

The wooden templates will continue to be used  when the markers are brought in from the course.  We look forward to adding more detailed items to the club during our lead into the fall season.

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