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Improve Your Golf Game in 2015


The New Year is here and many people are working on their 2015 goals. For some, their goals may be working out more, eating healthier or getting more sleep. For our Golden Ocala golf enthusiasts out there, it is to improve their golf skills. How much better do you want to play in 2015? Here are a few tips on how to improve your golf game in the New Year.


Improve your golf game in 2015 with the following tips from Golden Ocala!

Tips on Improving Your Golf Game

  1. Set realistic goals to improve your scoring and/or your handicap.
  2. Find a golf professional or a friend who is a good player that you trust to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Work with someone on your full swing as well as your short game inside of 100 yards.
  4. Pay the price time wise to improve your weaknesses.
  5. Continually work on alignment, ball position & set-up
  6. Make sure your equipment is right for you – shaft flex, length, lie, grip, weight, loft.
  7. Become more flexible with stretching exercises – See Jeff at the Golden Ocala Fitness Center.
  8. Strengthen your legs, arms and torso with light weights.
  9. Read golf books to help you become mentally sharp on the course.  (Authors:  Dr. Bob Rotella or Dr. Gio Valiante)
  10. Work on improving your attitude. Stay on an even keel whether you hit a good shot or a bad shot.
  11. Have a personal goal of eliminating penalty shots, double bogeys and triple bogeys.
  12. Keep in mind, good golfers continually work on having good tempo and good rhythm.
  13. Allow ample time to warm up prior to any round. Have a consistent practice routine that is best for you.
  14. Have a solid routine prior to each shot and each putt.

All of the above will assist you in your plan to improve your golf game. Do what the greats of the game do – Play the golf course.

 “Every day is your SUPERBOWL.”

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