31 July 14  |  Golf   |  

How to Monitor the Motion of Your Swing to Control Your Distance

Written by John Elliot Jr., Director of Golf Instruction

To me, ALL golf swings should be the same with the exception being the MOTION of the swing. A full swing, a pitch shot and a chip shot are all the same except for the amount of motion you use and that is relative to the distance you are trying to fly the ball. Let me explain.

In all three shots, you should use the same grip, power sources, impact, shape and of course, clubs. The variable is how much swing you need (motion) to move the ball from point A to B. Your rhythm, grip pressure and weight is just like a full swing, but the motion must fit your intent. If you think of putting, do you use the same amount of motion on a 43 footer as you do for a 4 footer? Of course not! The true test of swing control is FEELING the right amount of motion without thinking about it and finishing pin high more consistently.

You can control the motion of your swing by dividing the number of hours of your back swing into your total yardage with whatever club in your bag. This works throughout your entire game. Best of luck, these thoughts should make what you are trying to do much easier!