19 May 14  |  Golf   |  

Grade Adjustment on 6 Green for More Hole Locations

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Last week, the Golden Ocala Golf Course Maintenance Team adjusted the slope of 500 square feet of green on Hole 6 to create more possibilities for pin placement.


Once the sod on the green was carefully cut out by our highly skilled and very experienced maintenance team, it was placed nearby on sheets of plywood. With the sod removed, the hole was ready for renovation.


Next, material was added to the bare green to flatten the surface and create more possibilities for pin placements. The material was compacted multiple times and carefully graded to prepare for returning the grass.


Our hardworking team then carefully returned each piece of sod to the exact location it was cut from.

TURF 4After the sod was returned to the green, the collar and surrounding areas were re-grassed as well to match up with the adjusted grade. This improves the quality of the course and increases the excitement of the hole for players. After JUST one day of work, renovations were complete.


In the next several weeks, the team will begin to mow and continue to topdress the area with sand until the grass matches the untouched areas of the original green. We have also expanded the approach in front of the green to further enhance the area. This makes for more exciting golf shots by our members and guests!