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Golfing with Proper Foot Work | Golden Ocala

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Growing up, I enjoyed watching golfers like Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson on television. I also studied sequence photos of their golf swings over the years. I noticed each and every one of these players had, what you would call, great foot work which then leads to their good balance. Here are some tips on golfing with proper foot work like the pros!

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If you watch these great players closely, they kept their right heel (for right handed golfers) planted down on the ground a little longer than you will see with most players.  This allowed them to attack the ball from the inside more instead of coming over the top and contacting the outside of the ball. The outside of the ball is the side of the ball farthest from your body.  Typically the ball is pulled to the left of your target, or slice, curving from left to right.

NOTE:  You still want to transfer your weight to your left foot on the downswing. Be careful, you do not want to let your right foot come up too soon (for the right handed golfer).  Ideally, you will want your right heel facing the sky at the completion of your golf swing.

Try this new technique next time you are on the practice tee. For more golf tips and tricks visit our blog.