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Why Golfers Come Over the Top with Their Swing


Many golfers struggle with coming over the top with their swing and have a difficult time trying to correct it. There are many different reasons golfers do this. Knowing why you do this is the first step to correcting the problem. Here are some of the reasons golfers come over the top during their downswing.

Why Golfers Come Over the Top With Their Swing

  1. Your takeaway is too far to the inside, in other words your hands and arms are swinging too close to your right hip at the beginning of your backswing (for the right handed golfer).  The result is your hands and arms have nowhere to go but to travel away from your body on the downswing.  The ball will be pulled to the left of your target or slice from left to right, losing a lot of distance.
    • CURE:  Backswing thought – – Swing your hands and arms a little straighter back.
    • Downswing thought – –  Allow your hands and arms to come more from the inside path on your downswing.
  2. You do not make a good complete turn with your chest, shoulders and arms.
  3. Not enough wrist cock – – your wrists are too stiff with your backswing.
  4. Your lower body from the belly button down, your lower body is too inactive.


Photo Source: Flickr by Keith Allison

How to stop coming over with the top of your golf swing.

All the great players who hit the inside or center of the golf ball started their downswing with either a little bit of a bump and or a lateral move toward the target, with their lower body (hips, legs and ankles).

It sounds like a lot of information to keep from hitting the outside of the ball.  I would say that most golfers would improve by correcting the above issues.  This can help you contact the center, or the inside corner of the ball.  The end result, straighter shots down the target line or maybe even incorporate a little draw (ball starting a little right of your target and curving back to the left at your target – – again, this is for the right handed golfer).  End result – – More solid golf shots and more distance.

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