17 February 15  |  Golf   |  

Golf Tip from the Pro: How to Reduce Curve

Written by Daren Robinson, Golden Ocala Golf Instructor

Like many saw in the recent Coates Golf Championship hosted here at Golden Ocala, professional golfers can make hitting the ball without any curvature look so easy, like anyone can do it. But it takes much more finesse to get the right shot. A few tips to practice can help golfers improve their game. Here’s a couple I recommend to reduce curve on the ball.

Face and Path

I feel many golfers do not quite understand curve or shape of a golf shot. The amount of curve on any given shot is directly related to the differential between face angle and the direction the club is traveling on impact (face verses path) causing the ball to rotate on a tilted axis.


Target Practice

I like to say that the hands control the face and the shoulders control the path. The key here is to practice hitting half swings with long irons at short targets to improve face control. Keep practicing and focus on this basic tip to see a reduction in ball curves.

Our golf professionals can provide more instruction on reducing curves when you hit the ball. And follow our golf blog for a variety of other tips.