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Golf Course & Tournament Guidelines

Golden Ocala Golf CourseWith glorious weather and the return of Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club members to Horse Country, Director of Golf Ryan Gray and his team are excited to get a season of tournaments, clinics and socials underway. To ensure that every golfer and their guest has an opportunity to capture the fullest and most complete experience of teeing off on a PGA/LPGA-renowned course at the peak of its performance, there are simple policies, rules and guidelines to follow.


Golf Cart

From Tee Starts to Golf Carts

Upon landing on the green, please:

  • If you are beginning off the 10th tee, have this approved by Golden Ocala golf staff.
  • If you play as a twosome or foursome and do not own a golf cart, pay the “private cart fee” on your account and pair up your golf carts to reduce traffic on the course.
  • Do not place baskets of range balls on the golf course, as they are intended for practice facilities only.


As Golden Ocala is a world-renowned golf community, we desire our attire to reflect that level of professionalism, starting with our dress code. Therefore, please:

  • Wear appropriate golf wear on the course, and make sure your children and guests do the same. Blue jeans, sweat pants, “workout” attire and shorts that are not classified as golf shorts are not permissible. T-shirts are not acceptable for anyone 16 and older, unless he or she is on the pool deck.
  • Men, wear collared shirts with sleeves and tuck them in.
  • Wear the brim forward on your cap, and remove your cap when entering the clubhouse dining areas.
  • Wear golf shoes or sneakers.

If you have questions about your attire, please call Ryan at (352) 402-4345. If you are ready to play but improperly dressed, you may change in the locker room facilities.


Matches & Tournaments

Now through April, matches and tournaments, such as the Ladies 18-Hole Club Championship and the Battle of the Belts, will fill up the Golden Ocala golf itinerary. Of course, fairness and dedicated participation in any capacity can only be enforced with criteria. Therefore, please:

  • Call the golf shop or e-mail Ryan at gray@goldenocala.com to register for events that you see posted in the Gazette.
  • Do not cancel your participation in an event after the deadline. Otherwise, you will be responsible for 50% of the event entry fee, except in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Complete all matches by the designated deadline, or the player or team available on the Saturday prior to the deadline will win the match. If no one is available, the winner will be determined by a coin toss.
  • Please defer all tournament questions and disputes to the golf staff at Golden Ocala. Likewise, Ryan and his team will communicate numerous rule changes to the membership when applicable.
  • Apply all tournament credit to in-stock or special order merchandise.

We’re embracing golf season in North Central Florida and look forward to taking our members along for the ride. Welcome to 2019!