30 October 13  |  Golf   |  

Golf Course Closure for Overseeding

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Why Are We Closed for Overseeding?

While all golfers dread the phrase “Golf Course Closed”, it is a necessity to prepare and present the golf course at its very best. For a few days this week (until October 30th), our course will be closed for “overseeding” to keep premium playing conditions through the winter months. Overseeding is part of golf course maintenance where grass seed is spread that thrives during the cooler months of fall, winter and spring.

Enhancing Play-ability, Appearance, & Durability

During our 3 day closure, the golf course maintenance team is applying over 17,000 pounds of perennial rye grass seed and 12,000 pounds of fertilizer to the golf course tees, fairways, and approaches. This seed, once established, will provide an enhanced product until next summer in terms of play-ability, appearance, and durability.

That’s a lot of feed and fertilizer!

The materials (as seen above) were delivered at the beginning of October and the team is excited to put them on the course. In total, over 15 full pallets will be applied during this close down period!

The team at Golf Course Maintenance is proud to serve the Membership at Golden Ocala and looks forward to continuing to improve and enhance our club.