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Fresh Pine Straw Adds More than Just Looks to our Golf Course

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Each fall following overseeding of the golf course, fresh pine straw is laid down throughout the property in all landscape beds and areas around trees. The pine straw makes a great contrast to the grass and enhances the aesthetics of the golf course tremendously.

More than Just Aesthetic Appeal

What many golfers don’t realize is the unseen value the pine straw brings to the property. The pine straw helps to reduce weed populations in the landscape beds and reduces the severity of washouts during heavy rain events. In the cooler weather that fall brings, placing pine straw around the base of trees and other plants is very effective in protecting their root systems from the cold. Also, pine straw provides a truer playing surface for golfers whose balls find their way into one of the beds.

Fresh Pine Straw on our Golf Course

Proud to Serve You

The Golf Course Maintenance team is proud to serve the Membership at Golden Ocala by continuing to enhance the aesthetics and play-ability of our golf course. Now when you see the fresh pine straw out on the course, you’ll know it has more that just aesthetic appeal!