28 July 14  |  Golf   |  

Fishing for Lost Golf Balls

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

During our last golf course closure to aerify the greens, we had a company come in and retrieve golf balls from the lakes on the golf course.


Golden Ocala’s golf ball retriever going in to get the lost golf balls

The company has a specially made golf ball retrieving machine. This amazing machine combs through the bottom of the lakes to collect any golf balls hit into the water hazards.


Machine is in the water, time to fish for golf balls

The retrieving machine is pulled back and forth along the bottom of the lake by two motorized units mounted on the back of utility vehicles.


Golf ball vehicles pull the machine through the water to pick up the lost golf balls.

As the retrieving machine is pulled back and forth by the utility vehicles, it continually progresses down the lake bank to cover new areas under the water.


Golf ball retrieving machine rippling through the lakes

As the retrieving machine moves under water it leaves a ripple pattern in the lake allowing the operators to identify its exact location.


After one lake is scanned for golf balls they move on the to next water hazard.

Once the lake has been completely covered the operators remove all the golf balls from the unit and move on to the next water hazard.

Golden Ocala members, we continue to work hard to give you championship golf course conditions. We hope you continue to enjoy one of the best golf courses in the area here at Golden Ocala.