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Finding the Best Golf Instructor for You

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

When I was playing golf competitively from 1984 to 1992, I sought out instruction from who I thought were some of the best golf instructors in the game: Jack Grout, who taught a guy by the name of Jack Nicklaus, Gardner Dickinson, who was friends with Ben Hogan and Davis Love’s Dad, Davis Love II. None of these guys were very technical instructors.  They taught the basic fundamentals such as good alignment, good ball position and proper posture.  The key to improving your golf game is finding the best golf instructor for you, not just taking tips from golfers here and there.

Photo Source: Flickr by Keith Allison

They key to improving your golf game is finding the best golf instructor for you!

Find an Instructor and Give them Time

I have noticed so many golfers listen to anyone and everyone on how to improve their game.  I personally think each golfer should carefully choose an instructor that is good for their personal game and be committed to that instructor for a lengthy period of time.  Give your instructor a chance to help improve your game with good fundamentals and allow them to teach you how to think through each shot on the  course. Let them teach you to feel (distance control) and teach you good course management (put the proper club in your hands for what the shot calls for).  You do not need to use your driver on every par 4 and every par 5.

One Final Note

I remember hearing Gary Player from South Africa say that when players start listening to too many people, that is when they get into a slump.  Don’t allow yourself to listen to multiple people or too many ideas and techniques.  This will just clutter your mind.  Jack Nicklaus played competitive golf with one or two thoughts throughout his entire career.  Learn from the best and find the golf instructor that genuinely wants to help you improve your game and ultimately your scores.  It will be a wonderful, rewarding experience!

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