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Find Your Perfect Golf Swing

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Swing YOUR Swing, quote by Arnold Palmer #golftipOver the last several months, we have heard “The King” Arnold Palmer telling golfers all over the world to “SWING YOUR SWING.” Not the swing you wish you had, or the one you saw someone use, but your swing. Another legend, Jack Nicklaus focused on three major elements throughout his career: setup (posture), alignment, and ball position.

What Do the Pros Say?

I have heard PGA Tour players such as Paul Azinger say that he feels as though he turns the inside of a barrel back and through without hitting either side of the barrel. Other Tour players, Curtis Strange and Rocco Mediate, have the Jimmy Ballard (Golf Instructor from the 70’s & 80’s) philosophy of swaying outside of the barrel back and through. Keep in mind, Rocco battled back issues later in his career.

Jack Nicklaus Does it Best…

Watching Jack Nicklaus over the years, it appeared as though he did a little of both, turning and transferring his weight back and through. As we get older, we may need to implement a little bit of a sway. In other words, transfer your weight to your right foot, then back to your left foot. Check out the video below to see me demonstrate this:

Keep it Simple

My advice would be to work with a good fitness trainer to improve flexibility. Also, find a golf professional that will work with YOUR swing and keep it simple.

Take Arnold and Jack’s advice – focus on Jack’s key elements while “swinging your swing.” Most importantly, don’t try to be someone that you are not!