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Enhancing the Bunkers in the Practice Area

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

With the renovation of the golf course bunkers completed, the team at golf course maintenance began to work on improving the bunkers on the two practice holes.  Much of the sand removed was still in great condition and could be used in other bunker projects where angular sand isn’t required.  Below you can see some of the process and the hard work that went into enhancing the bunkers in the practice area at Golden Ocala.

The Sand Removal

The sand that was removed from the course bunkers was hauled off and stored in selected locations for later use.  The best sand was then relocated to the practice hole bunkers.


Removing sand from the golf course bunkers.

The Sand Distribution

Once the sand has been dumped into the bunkers, a team of golf course maintenance crew members use a grading machine and hard metal rakes to evenly distribute the sand throughout the bunker.


The sand after being dumped into the practice hole bunker.

The Sand Enhancing

With 12 total bunkers in the practice holes, nearing an acre in size, the project to enhance all the bunkers will take about 2 weeks.  These bunkers will play much better and provide improved aesthetics for new home owners looking over from Eagle’s Landing.


Working on the new sand in the bunkers.

Additional Maintenance

This past week the team at golf course maintenance overseeded all of the golf course tees, fairways and approach areas.  The process requires 7 team members and about 12 total hours of work to spread the 13,000 pounds of seed over the 30 acres of selected areas.  We thank you for your patience during our golf course renovations.


Vicon Spreader putting seed on the fairways.

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