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Course Management Tips from Golden Ocala

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Golfers are constantly searching for different ways to improve their game. They work very hard on perfecting their mechanics and techniques. There is more to improving your golf game than just the swing though. Here are 11 tips to improve your course management skills to help with your overall golf game.

11 Course Management Tips

  1. Establish a Game Plan before the round – not during it.
  2. Get the correct yardage to the front of the green and to the flagstick.
  3. Know when to go for it and when to play safe.
  4. Accept that there is such a thing as a “good” bogey.
  5. Shape your shots off the tee to take one side of the fairway out of play.
  6. Play your own game and let your opponent play his/hers.
  7. Don’t let an inflated ego do the same thing to your score.  Avoid the “big” number.
  8. Hang in there if you have a bad hole.  The shot at hand is the most important shot.
  9. Don’t attempt a specialty shot in competition that you have not practiced.
  10. Don’t ever aim your shot so that, if it goes straight, it will wind up in trouble.
  11. Don’t forget, it’s just a game. Have fun!

Course management can be the key to a lower golf score

You can use course management in every shot you take. Now you can take the course management tips above and use them next time your are on the course.  For more information on how to improve your golf game, visit our blog.