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Concentration- Golden Ocala Fitness


This past week at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club was extraordinary to say the least. The LPGA held their first tournament of the season, the Coates Golf Championship presented by R+L Carriers, and thousands of people came to watch. Some of these professional golf players came to our gym to workout, sometimes even twice a day! One of the most noticeable factors during their workouts were their focus and concentration. Nothing seemed to take their focus away.


To be the best LPGA Golfer concentration is key!

Concentration is Key

Put yourself on hole number 10, ready to tee off with hundreds of people watching your every move. Now, tell me you wouldn’t need nerves of steel and extreme concentration when standing there in front of all those people. Working out is no different, to get the most out of your workouts concentrate on your movements and body mechanics, ask for advice if you’re not sure if you’re doing an exercise correct.

Stacy Lewis discusses what motivates her to be her best.

Stacy Lewis was seen at least twice a day at the fitness center.

The next LPGA season will be here before you know it, so be like Stacy Lewis and spend time working out. Lewis was in the gym twice a day! Concentrate on your body mechanics. Let me help you improve your golf game by improving your flexibility and concentration. Stop by the gym today! For more health and fitness information be sure to stay up to date with our fitness blog.