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The Chipping Stroke Made Simple

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

The chipping stroke is simple. It’s an easy one-two action that does not require much force. Contrary to a beginner’s belief, superior chipping is determinant on the shoulders, and only partially on the arms and hands.

Stroke Basics

When approaching a chip shot, your goal should be to hit the ball solidly, making sure the clubhead is traveling downward as it strikes the ball. Start your backswing using your shoulders, allowing control from your arms and hands to follow. Your arm should not separate too far from your body.

Man chipping ball onto green, focus on golfer

5 Chipping DOs & DON’Ts

  • DO remember the importance of tempo. DON’T rush on either the backswing or the forward swing.
  • DO hit down on the back of the ball. DON’T try to help the ball into the air. The loft of the club will take care of that for you.
  • DO accelerate your stroke smoothly. DON’T make it a stab—the chipping stroke is short.
  • DO return your arms to the position you had them in at address. DON’T scoop! Your hands should be ahead of the ball. 
  • One last ‘DO’—keep your eyes focused on the back of the ball. Continue focusing on that same point, even following impact.

The chipping stroke is an art. Like any other specialty stroke, it takes practice. In order to improve, make it a habit to practice chipping during all of your practice rounds. Chipping will be different depending on the hole, but practicing on different holes is crucial for advancement in skill. Just remember, practice makes perfect!