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Bunker Maintenance Prevents Buried Balls

Written by John Rustek, Assistant Superintendent.

Last week, the Golf Course Maintenance Team at Golden Ocala began renovating Hole 15’s third bunker from the right. As you might have noticed, the bunker was renovated and replenished with bright white sand.

bunker 1

Removal of old sand from bunker on Hole 15

During renovations, the maintenance team had to dig 24 inches of old sand out of the bunker. Removing the sand will improve water drainage following heavy rainfall.

Replinished old sand with G-Angle Sand

Replenished old sand with G-Angle Sand

The sand that has been added to the bunker is known as G-Angle Sand.  It is a crushed or manufactured sand, and it tends to maintain its firmness compared to other sands, resulting in less “fried egg” or buried balls. The new sand will also make the bunker less susceptible to washouts following heavier spring and summer rain showers.

The finished product

The finished product