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Bringing Bunkers Back to Life after Rain Events

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Following large rain events, bunkers require additional attention to return them to ideal conditions. After a big rainfall, excess moisture on the bunkers compacts the sand surface, causing golf balls to sit on top of the sand similar to sitting on a table top. This condition makes playing delicate shots overly difficult and is unfair for golf play.

Our Process to Correct this Condition

Normal raking methods only scratch the surface of the issue and therefore do not remedy the condition. Thus, to correct this challenge, the operators on the bunker raking machines use the “scarifier” attachment to disrupt the upper inch of the bunker. This begins the correction process.

The scarifier attachment is located in front of the rear wheels to disrupt the sand surface.

The normal rakes are used behind the scarifier attachment to level and smooth the bunker surface back out for better playing conditions.

Using the Scarifier Attachment

The scarifier attachment is only used during the first time raking bunkers after significant rain events. After that, for each subsequent raking, we will use the normal metal rakes, as continual disruption of the sand makes the sand too soft for golf play.

Emigdio Cortes raking 7 fairway bunker.

Attention to detail in the bunkers is an essential element for championship golf course conditions. As always, this is the standard of excellence we strive for here at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club.