10 February 15  |  Golf   |  

Accuracy and Touch Matters in Golf | Golden Ocala

Written By Mike Cooney, Director of Golf

It was interesting listening to the comments from spectators during the inaugural LPGA Coates Golf Championship presented by R+L Carriers. Most comments alluded to how straight the LPGA players hit the ball. This shows that not only is distance important but accuracy and touch matters in golf.


Accuracy & Touch vs. Long Distance Players

Checking out the final scores was also interesting. I noticed the long hitters did not finish on top at Golden Ocala. It was the average length hitters that capitalized at the end of the week and took home the majority of the prize purse.


It just goes to show that while distance is important in golf, accuracy and touch (good distance control) can lend itself to excellent scoring.

Lesson to be learned:  Focus your thoughts and energy on being more precise instead of always looking to improve your distance.

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