24 February 15  |  Fitness   |  

Is your Workout Red Carpet Worthy?

Written by Jeffrey T. Spaeth, L.M.T, C.P.T.

If you were one of the billion viewers who tuned in to watch all the glitz and glamour of the Oscar’s on Feb. 22, 2015, you were no doubt impressed with the sleek physiques of a lot of celebrities walking the red carpet.


Amazing at Any Age

It’s no accident that many of the actors and actresses in their 60’s look like they’re in their 40’s! The list includes Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Michael Keaton, Helen Mirren, and J.K. Simmons who snagged the Oscar this year for his supporting role in “Whiplash.”

Seeing the stars on the red carpet at events like the Academy Awards makes us all wonder how they manage to always look amazing. The next question is usually, “how can I have a body like that?”


Getting Started

Working out on a regular basis is crucial to maintaining a chiseled look. Diet, exercise and adequate sleep are required to maintain physical health along with a positive mental attitude.

A workout routine structured around 3-days a week for 30 minutes is all you’ll need to start to shape your “red carpet” body!


Consider incorporating cardio, stretching, and light-weightlifting in high repetitions into your workout routine to mold and shape your body.

Let me help you work toward achieving that “Oscar” body. Visit the Fitness Center at Golden Ocala and let’s plan a workout routine and get you started today! You’ll find more tips in our fitness blog to help you stay in shape.