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Working Out in the New Year


It’s that time of year again, time to get in shape and get back to the gym! On January 1st, gyms across the country will be inundated with hundreds of people wanting to better their physical condition. Truth is, a lot of those people have no idea of how to get started. They start lifting and running beyond their physical capacity expecting to see immediate results and instead they are risking extreme frustration or worse, injury! Here are some tips on how to keep consistent when working out in the New Year.


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Preparing Yourself for Your New Year’s Workout Routine

According to recent studies, only 20% of people who begin a New Year’s workout routine will still be active 3 months later. A big reason is lack of preparation before beginning their workout regimen. You should first see your Doctor to get a physical. This will determine how your program should be designed. Second, consult a Personal Trainer. They will be able to set up a workout program for you based on your physical abilities. Personal Trainers know how to concentrate on your strengths and stay away from exercises that will do more harm than good. They also keep you motivated and accountable. Knowing someone is waiting for you at the gym is a great way to help keep up consistency which is the key to prolonged success in fitness.

Let’s begin 2015 with a new mind set, “get active and stay active”. We have a beautiful fitness facility to work out in at Golden Ocala! Take advantage of it and stop by today! For more health and fitness tips visit our fitness blog.

Happy New Year!