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What’s The Ideal Gym Workout Length?

At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, you’ll love the great equipment and amazing views so much that you might workout longer than you intended. Beginners may need some help deciding how much time they should spend on an average workout. Those who spent years hitting the gym can sometimes use a little extra help. You might want to know more about the ideal gym workout length because you want to get rid of some excess weight or because you want to build some muscle.  The right amount of workout time depends on your goals and your overall fitness level.

For Beginners

When you first start out, you should aim for 30 minutes of aerobic training at least three times a week with 5 minutes to warm-up. Depending on your fitness level and strength, you may find that you can only use the treadmill for 15 or even 10 minutes. Adding just one minute to your workout each session will help you reach 30 minutes quickly. Working out for 30 minutes at a time for three to five times a week can help you lose a significant amount of weight in your first month alone, especially when combined with a healthy diet plan.

Pace Level

The ideal gym workout length for you also depends on your exercise pace. When you visit the gym, you might see people taking a leisurely walk on the treadmill without breaking a sweat. While those gym users still get some exercise, they do not get nearly the benefits as those who push themselves. You generally want to go at a higher intensity pace for as long as you can. While you can take short breaks, try to get right back up to speed within 30 seconds.

Build Muscle Mass

Not everyone heads to the gym because they want to burn calories and lose weight; some want to build muscle mass. If you want powerful muscles, stick to shorter workouts. Doing a shorter session in the morning and a shorter session later in the day can help you build muscles faster than if you did one long session. The break that you take allows your muscles to rest and gives your body time to heal itself.

Man doing leg presses.

How Long Should You Workout?

The amount of time you spend in the gym on a single workout really depends on what you do at the gym and your goals. Swimming for 45 minutes can burn as many calories as a 30-minute exercise class will. Doing cardio workouts is a great way to burn calories and get you in shape, but you’ll want to exercise for at least 30 minutes at a time.

If you need help deciding on the ideal gym workout length for you, stop by our Fitness Center at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Center to trainers with one of our trainers. Our trainers can help you get the body you always desired.

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