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What Aerobic Machine Is Best For Me: Treadmill, Bicycle, Elliptical?

Aerobic or cardio workouts are known for improving heart and lung health. But many people keep up regular cardio workouts to stay in shape for other kinds of activity. Many people don’t have the fitness level for more strenuous exercise, especially in the hot sun.

There are several different aerobic machines, and choosing the right one depends on your physical condition and tastes in exercise. Here’s the breakdown on three of the best aerobic machines.

Burn The Most Calories With Treadmills

A treadmill burns the most calories, which means more muscle, less fat and better cardio. Walking is one of those natural activities for our bodies. Different types of treadmill positions can allow you to walk slowly or run quickly, on a flat plane or incline, and computerized machines can give you readouts on distance, speed and calories burned without outdoors.

However, treadmills are not for people prone to knee injuries. Every step can create an impact with more than three times the force of natural walking. They can also pose balance problems for those with certain medical conditions, or even those who aren’t used to physical activity.

If you want to try a treadmill, take it slow at first, and if there’s any pain in your knees and back, you should try something else.

Elliptical Machines Are Easy On The Joints

What are the best aerobic machines for your workout?
Elliptical machines are easier on the joints than treadmills, while still providing some good calorie burn. The machines simulate climbing. They are used from a standing position and often have components for working the arms, so you’re exercising more of your body muscles.

Since they do work more parts of the body, elliptical machines are probably best left to those in better physical condition than those who may have physical limitations or are just beginning. For a total body workout, however, they may be one of the best aerobic machines.

Stationary Bikes Are Low Impact

The stationary bike is a good choice since it has the least impact on the joints while still providing a good aerobic workout, especially for beginners or those who experience knee pain. A nice relaxed rhythm can even be soothing along with the cardio benefits, though you’ll have to work longer to burn calories compared to the other two options.

The bike should be adjusted properly to your body size. The seat should be adjusted so that it allows the person to pedal comfortably, but not so low that it doesn’t allow full range of movement. Over time, this could actually have adverse effects, as well as burning fewer calories.

Some prefer one machine over another, while others get bored easily and might alternate workouts on all three. For beginners, take it easy at first as you choose the best aerobic machines for your workout.

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