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The Venus-Mars Paradigm of the Gym

By Jeffrey T Spaeth LMT,CPT

Exercising is an important part of the everyday routine. Finding the time and place to exercise can seem just as difficult as determining your right type of workout. In our years of experience, we have seen that men and women have different approaches to reaching their fitness goals.

Men may beat women when it comes to brute strength at the gym, but women have the advantage when it comes to flexibility, balance and coordination. Another advantage for women: They are more likely to work out with a friend, which leads to spending more time in the gym.

Working out the lower body – the thighs and the calves – is very important. Women tend to concentrate on exercising those areas more than men do.

The glutes – the buttocks – are an area of the body that most women want to work on more than men. Dead lifts with dumbbells, step-ups, single leg jumps, single hamstring curl, kettle ball swing and lateral band steps are just a few examples of exercises that help the lower body.

The Venus-Mars Paradigm of the Gym

Men, Women Have Different Gym Goals

Men and women typically have different goals at the gym: Men usually work out to get bigger muscles; most women tend to work out to lose weight, tone up or get stronger.

Some women encounter the psychological barrier of being intimidated by other women at the gym who look like fitness models. Don’t let others prevent you from reaching your goals; stay focused and consistent and you will see results.

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