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Train like the Professionals- Golden Ocala


LPGA athletes are professional lady golfers striving to be number one by competing all around the world against the best of the best. To be number one in this sport you must begin with a strict workout regimen, along with watching what you eat. These professional golfers have this down to a science. Here are some tips on how you can improve your golf game and train like the professionals.

Golf Exercises

Some examples of workouts commonly seen in a professional golfers routine are body weight exercises using weighted balls and large exercise balls. They use these to combine balance, strength training and stretching. The golf swing is an unnatural body movement which takes extreme concentration to execute correctly. This is why very few can make a living at it. The lower lumbar area of the back takes the most abuse, this is why it is very important to keep the lower back stretched and limber.

man woman exercising weights workout fitness ball

Medicine Ball exercises are a great way to strengthen your core and back muscles.

Learn from the LPGA Golfers

We have the privilege at Golden Ocala to watch these professional athletes compete at their best on one of the most beautiful courses in the U.S. Keep in mind the hours of gym time and strict regiment these ladies endure in order to compete at this level. My clients also work very hard and are dedicated to their workouts and strive to be the best they can at whatever they set their minds too!

Let me help you reach your health goals and keep a routine you can use for as long as you live. Personal Training is just that..Personal! Every routine is specific to your health conditions and goals. There is no “one size fits all” at Golden Ocala! For more exercise and health tips and trends be sure to visit our fitness blog!