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Tips to Motivate Your Workout Routine

Written by Jeffrey T.  Spaeth, L.M.T.,C.P.T.

When starting a workout routine, it’s important to keep a consistent pattern in order to achieve your fitness goals. There are different ways to do this; one is to map out your workouts. Decide what area you’re going to work on, and determine what days of the week work best for a workout.

Rotate your workout. Focus on your legs one day, your arms the next, and your core muscles on another day. Switching up the exercises for each area gives your body a variety so it does not get accustomed to the same routine over and over which can slow your progress over time.


When you’re finished working out, put a gold star on your calendar for the day as a visual reward to help keep track of your workouts.

Start slow in the gym. Try not to spend too much time there at first so it will be easier to stay motivated to come back for the next session.

Sports bag with sports equipment isolated on white

Remove invisible barriers. Identify the steps needed to get you to the gym. Lay out your gym clothes the night before and have your water bottle ready! It’s important to drink lots of water throughout the day.


Find a workout partner. Another way to stay motivated is to invite someone to join you for a workout. Having a workout buddy is a good way to keep you on a regular schedule. Don’t set your goals too high. Keep your expectations reasonable and don’t push too hard at first. Tell yourself: “I’ll do 20 minutes on the elliptical machine today and work my back and biceps and then maybe some abdominal work as well”.

Maintaining these basic steps will keep you coming back to the gym for more.

Finally, reward yourself for staying consistent with your workout. A facial or a massage will be a relaxing end to a good workout. Stop by the Golden Ocala Fitness Center and let me help you develop a fitness routine intended to keep you motivated! Look for more tips to staying healthy in our fitness blog.