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The Future of Fitness

The gyms of ancient days were dark, dank dungeons of clanking barbells, guttural noises, excessive sweat and laden with testosterone. Over the years, gyms have evolved through wildly colored leotards flailing to big music and into svelte institutes of higher yearning to get into lean-mean shape.

Modern fitness centers take a laser focus on precision health that targets heart rates and individual goals. But what will the future of fitness look like? How will gyms and fitness centers change to more narrowly meet the health demands of people?

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center provide the most modern and technologically advanced equipment and knowledgeable trainers to our members and continue to strive to keep abreast of new developments.

The Future of Fitness

When the future arrives, we’ll be there, and here’s what it may look like, according to Athletic Business, a resource for fitness professionals:

  • Bigger Gyms: “I think there will have to be a vast expansion of facilities,” said Frank McDuff, senior vice president of Houston’s CSI Software. “The climate will be right for small and mid-sized club operators to grow their businesses.”
  • Local Stays Local: “I don’t see much movement in the progression toward truly national chains, like Bally’s already is and like 24 Hour Fitness will likely become,” said Michael Rojas, president of Iron Grip Barbell Company, Santa Ana, California.
  • More Competition: “Competition, especially for the smaller independent clubs, will increase, as the major chains grow their numbers and the chains themselves are acquired by investment companies,” said John Aglialoro, president of Cybex International, Medway, Massachusetts.
  • Location, Location, Location: Experts say the locations of fitness centers will become increasingly important. Gym-goers will be looking for proximity. Gym owners have to “take fitness closer to where the customer lives as opposed to waiting for them to come to the club,” Aglialoro said. “As we get busier and busier, we’ll need a place to work out that’s close,” said Ken Reinig, president of Lakewood, Colorado’s Association Insurance Group. We know Golden Ocala members enjoy having a fitness center close to home.
  • Narrow The Focus: The fitness market will narrow its focus on specific age groups. “As people move more toward fitness being a lifestyle, I think there are two areas we’re going to be continually gaining on,” Riches said. “One is the older, sedentary group, but also the younger group.”
  • Fun, Fun, Fun: Fitness centers will have to offer more entertainment, especially to draw younger crowds. “Younger people joining earlier – whether it’s in high school or college – expect, in some ways, entertainment value in the membership.” Aglialoro predicts “we will see a dramatic increase in virtual reality/interactive exercise products.”
  • Smarty Sweat Pants: Gym goers are going to become considerably more educated. “Consumers are quickly becoming much more discerning when it comes to their own health,” said Lindsay Merrithew, president of Toronto’s Stott Pilates. “Not only do they want to take control of their body and how it functions, they also want to be well-educated about doing so.”
  • Make It Special: Fitness centers will focus on providing specialized training and equipment. “Clubs will continue to offer more and more specialized services and programs, such as weight-management, group programming, sport-specific training, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, etc., to accommodate their ever-diversifying memberships,” said Art Rothafel, president of Villa Park, California’s MediCorp PNT.
  • Trained Trainers: Gym goers will demand more knowledgeable staff and trainers. “The industry itself will get more scientific than it already has,” said Bob Palka, president of Jacob’s Ladder LLC, in North Tonawanda, New York.

the future of fitness

Golden Ocala’s fitness trainers are ahead of their time and are ready to put their expertise to use in helping you get in tip-top shape for a fit future. Golden Ocala uses Technogym® to personalize your fitness goals and exercise program. Ask our trainers about cardio training and equipment including treadmill with personalized incline and speed, elliptical machines, spin bikes and rowing machines.

Whether you are a social exerciser or a competitive athlete, Golden Ocala has a membership program to fit your specific needs. Contact info@goldenocala.com for more details.