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Stay Fit While Your Kids Are in School


Those bouncy youngsters can take a hidden toll on a mother’s health in ways few may initially realize. While keeping track of those little balls of energy may seem to be exercise enough, research shows that new mothers are the most prone to the sedentary life than other women.

Stay Fit While Your Kids Are in School

According to the Journal of Pediatrics, mothers with young children eat more and exercise less than their peers and consume on average 368 more calories and exercise 1.5 hours fewer per week.”

Mothers are busy with diaper changes, laundry and other busy work that burns comparably few calories while tending to eat snacks more often throughout the day – an unhealthy recipe for weight gain.

The flip side is the example mothers may set for their children. Mothers can make themselves into healthy role models for their children and at the same time reduce the stress of child rearing. To start, it’s as easy as setting aside 20 minutes a day.

With a little creativity, it’s easy to find ways to exercise with your children: Mothers can walk them to school or to the bus stop. They can play outside with their children. Heading outdoors also keeps children – and mothers – away from the television and from video games.

Stay Fit While Your Kids Are in School

Mothers can practice planking with their children or do some walking lunges with them. Mothers can also hold their babies close to do sit ups or have their toddlers sit beside them to shadow their movements.

The long-range benefit is that children see good examples of healthy living and mothers stay fit and healthy.

The trainers at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club are available to guide young mothers – and anyone else – through healthy exercise habits. Signing up for a series of workouts will help you develop a disciplined pattern of fitness habits.

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