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A Simple Workout Routine Helps You Get Results

Written By Jeffrey T. Spaeth L.M.T, C.P.T

I’m sure all of you know what the acronym “KISS” stands for right? Keep It Simple Silly.  Well, this is important when approaching any workout routine, keep it simple!

Man Using Weights Machine With Runner On Treadmill In Background

A Realistic Approach

We have all seen the TV infomercials for different workout routines guaranteed to reshape your body into that of a “god’. Let’s be realistic folks, results like that are usually out of reach for the majority of us. For the rest of us, a basic full-body workout three or more days a week using light weight and high reps will get us in shape and keep us in shape.

Trying to use complicated movements or approaching your workouts furiously, is a recipe for disaster. It can lead to muscle fatigue and possible injury!

Fitness Class

Love is Key

My advice is to “love” your body! Don’t abuse your body with some far out new fad. The objective with a good workout is to stay healthy and flexible as we age, not to tear down or damage our bodies.

So remember when you go to the gym, do not watch the other person next to you doing some crazy workout. Your goal should be to stay focused, use slow movements, and proper body mechanics.

And remember the acronym “KISS”. Feel free to swing by the gym at Golden Ocala and talk to me so we can set up a fitness program tailored just for you! Also, follow our fitness blog for more helpful tips to stay fit.