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Return to Working Out Slowly and Carefully After Surgery

By Jeffrey T Spaeth LMT, CPT

Getting back to a workout program after surgery can be challenging and frustrating at times. Weight loss for men after having surgery is common, and bodybuilders may lose muscle faster because the body uses it for nourishment.

It may take a few months to get back to a level you were before the surgery. After surgery you are likely to experience pain and swelling so you should work slowly as you return to a normal workout routine. Experiencing pain when going back to working out is a sign you are working too hard and need to do less.

Start slowly and fight the urge to push through your workouts until your pain has subsided. Even if you feel strong, avoid lifting until your surgeon says it’s OK. Lifting too soon can put you right back into the hospital.

Watching What You Eat and Staying Hydrated

Man and woman working out.

Diets may need to be changed after surgery. Eating habits will need to be addressed and new foods introduced. Always consult your doctor or surgeon before getting back into an exercise program. I always stress to stay hydrated but it is even more important after surgery.

Start working out with light weights and higher repetitions, concentrating on proper body mechanics. Your doctor or surgeon may recommend walking first in order to build up muscle endurance before returning to a workout program. It is very important to start slow and build up gradually.

Your health and wellness are your top commodities, and you should invest wisely in keeping your body in excellent health. Our trainers at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center are experts who can guide and help you with the best workout program after surgery. Our trainers will show you the proper techniques using our world-class Italian equipment with the revolutionary Technogym®. Stop by our Fitness Center or call us at 352-402-4350 to learn more.

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