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Regular Exercise Is Especially Important for Seniors

By Jeffrey T Spaeth, LMT, CPT

Regular exercise lowers a lot of health risks including Alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Exercise improves mood and removes stress as well.

Inactivity is the worst thing you can do if you’re over 50. It can lead to more doctor visits and use of prescription medicine for different ailments. Studies show you’re never too old to start exercising. And the benefits you receive both physically and mentally – and especially at older ages – are more than some younger people receive while working out. Regular exercise can improve posture and balance, both critical as we grow older.

Regular exercise for older people

Exercise Keeps Lymphatic System in Top Shape

Exercise also keeps your lymphatic system in check. The lymph is a thick recycled body fluid that collects waste, viruses and bacteria. In the fluid are cells called lymphocytes that destroy any harmful organisms. When your lymphatic system becomes sluggish, the body is susceptible to a wide range of health problems ranging from problems with immunity, infections and cancer. Some individuals experience something called lymphoedema, which causes swelling in the arms and legs.

According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, “exercise not only helps your immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections, it also decreases your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer.” Great news from the American Psychological Association: “Brisk walking and other forms of regular moderate activity seem to be just as effective as more rigorous workouts when it comes to promoting psychological health.” Regular exercise improves mood and also helps with high blood pressure, difficulty walking and balance problems.

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