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The Peaks and Valleys in Fitness Routines

Written by Jeffrey T Spaeth, L.M.T, C.P.T.

Your fitness routine has its ups and downs where some days are just better than others. On one of your weight training days, you may feel very strong and move through your routine with little effort. On another day, it may seem like your pulling a large boulder behind you! On a cardio day, you may feel like your moving right along with your workout and the next day it may feel like drudgery! This happens to everyone and this is a reason why we have peaks and valleys in fitness routines.


Everyone has peaks and valleys in their fitness routines.

The Peaks and Valleys

First of all, don’t feel like there is anything wrong with you if your workout seems to be harder than usual. This is a normal human reaction to any fitness routine. The body uses “ATP”, adenosine triphosphate, as a fuel to maintain strength and stamina. When this chemical is used up, you feel fatigued and lethargic. To generate more ATP, your muscles need oxygen. This helps the body reproduce ATP quicker. Some ways to get more oxygen flow in your body are to increase your cardio workouts, deep breathing exercises and stretching exercises such as yoga. Your body must also be able to get rid of waste and heat to perform properly during a workout. Drinking plenty of water and not smoking are two more ways to improve your stamina, health and well being.

Take 30 minutes to walk each day to improve your health.

Keep pushing through, even when you feel tired, it will get better!

Just remember, there will always be peaks and valleys in any fitness routine. Just keep focused and “keep on, keeping on”! For more information on ways to help achieve your fitness goals or for more information on the Golden Ocala Fitness Center contact me or visit our blog.