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What Kind of Workout Helps Gain Muscle Strength?

Muscleman, movie star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is known by fans for one line in particular: “I’ll be back.” Moviegoers will inevitably hear the line in everyone of the former bodybuilder’s movies.

The mantra is good advice for exercise enthusiast: “I’ll be back to Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center to workout, to get stronger, to get leaner, meaner, to be that fat-terminating machine.”

Gym goers have different goals – losing weight, getting lean – but what does it take to gain muscle strength?

gain muscle strength by lifting weights

Champion power lifter Casey Williams offers some tips in Life by Daily Burn, a website for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Go Narrow. Williams said prospective power lifters and everyone who wants to build muscle strength should focus on four exercises: squat, bench press, dead lift and overhead press. “Big moves are an invaluable way to increase strength and lean muscle,” he said. Weight lifters should do five or few repetitions per set to build strength and six to 12 repetitions for gaining size.
  • Be Free. Top power lifters recommend using free weights over exercise machines. Williams said users of free weights increase strength and balance more quickly than those who use machines.
  • Get a Move On. Fitness experts advise spending more time muscle building and less time doing cardio work if building muscle is a priority. That doesn’t mean excluding aerobic exercise. For example, linebackers train differently than marathoners. And so should you. Williams suggests doing the farmer’s walk as good aerobic addition to a good power-lifting workout.
  • Chow Down. Heavy exercise routines generally require additional dietary calories. That doesn’t mean more Twinkies and donuts. Health experts say fitness enthusiasts should stick with a healthy diet with a focus on lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, and stay away from processed foods, refined sugars and alcohol.
  • Too Much, Too Little. Finding that middle ground between overtraining and not doing enough can be challenging. Fitness experts say rest is sometimes just as important as working out. Finding that balance is the key to success. Williams recommends beginners take a day off between workouts. Experienced lifters may be able to add workouts during the week. Williams urges lifters to take longer breaks, a deloading phase, every four to six weeks.
  • I’ll Really Be Back. The Terminator’s advice just might be the best for reaching your fitness goals. Building muscle and getting stronger require commitment and discipline. That means returning to the gym regularly and sticking to your routine.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club know that the best approach to packing on the brawn is by visiting our Fitness Center. Our trainers can help you develop a program that’ll keep you saying: “I’ll be back” (rather than “hasta la vista, baby”). Stop by the Fitness Center  and get started on your new muscles today!

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