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How To Avoid Exercise Mistakes At the Gym

Most people want to get fit and toned, and some spend hours in the gym, but never experience results. The reason: exercises are being performed improperly. Good technique is important to avoid exercise mistakes, which make workouts ineffective and may lead to injury.

Avoid Exercise Mistakes

Every exercise session should start with a warm-up, include breaks for rest and water, and conclude with a cool down. This pattern ensures muscles are not overworked and dehydration is prevented.

Dehydration may lead to serious consequences. Staying hydrated may even promote weight loss.

Another common exercise mistake is poor or improper form. When exercises are done incorrectly, the wrong muscles are developed, causing a type of muscular imbalance. Bad form and bad exercise habits can also lead to injuries such as torn ligaments and pulled muscles.

Woman working out with personal trainer

Full and complete movement during repetitions and correct back alignment help prevent injuries and build muscles and tone bodies more quickly.

Fitness at Golden Ocala

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center has services and equipment to suit all fitness levels and exercising goals, which include fitness classes and personal trainers.

Our trainers can help members develop proper form and learn about the latest exercise tips and fitness methods. Trainers can also help members improve their running strides and develop enhanced breathing techniques for more effective weightlifting.

Golden Ocala’s trainers are also able to guide gym goers in performing their exercise sets and repetitions properly and to make corrections and adjustments to routines. Trainers also help direct their students in staying adequately hydrated during routines and to stretch before and after workouts or classes.

Exercising in group classes helps members to avoid exercise mistakes by setting examples of proper form and movement. The group atmosphere helps motivate members to stay connected and committed to the discipline of exercise and to meeting fitness goals.

Contact the Fitness Center today to learn more about finding the new and healthy you.

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