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How Much Rest Between Exercises and Workouts?

You have made the first step by devoting adequate time to working out, but you need to make sure you are getting the best results from your efforts. The amount of time that you rest between exercises is critical to ensuring that your results are maximized. Determining appropriate rest time depends on a few factors.

First, determine what your primary goal is – muscle building, losing fat, toning. Next, you will need to evaluate how demanding your particular workout routine is, including the number of reps or overall intensity you are placing on the body. Once you determine those items, here are a few rules to consider:

Determine Your Goals First

What level of intensity?

  • If you are doing a high-intensity and low-rep workout, you will need more rest between reps.
  • If you are doing a low-intensity and high-rep workout, you won’t need as much rest time between sets.

What is your overall goal?

  • If you are looking to tone, longer rest periods between exercises would be best, as it would allow your body to recover more and extend the overall length of your workout.
  • If you are looking to lose weight or build muscle, shorter rest times will keep the body fatigued and work the metabolism harder.
    Women taking a rest during a workout

A Workout Routine should include the following exercise rest times:

  • Muscle Building / Circuit Training – Rest 20-60 seconds between sets
  • Strength / Power Training – Rest for 2-5 minutes between sets
  • Toning – Rest for 1-3 minutes between sets

Most rest times are between 1-5 minutes and increase based on overall intensity. The other factor is how you feel during workouts. While these are recommended ranges of rest between exercises, you should always rest when you need it and let your body be an indicator of how much rest you need between sets.

If you are starting an exercise program, you may need additional or longer rests. As you become more experienced, you will begin tailoring the rest sessions based on the specific exercises.

The most important rule is to find a plan that motivates you to exercise. The Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center has expert trainers and the most advanced exercise equipment to help you on your way to good health and fitness. Call today to get started on the new, lean and mean you.

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