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Have a Positive Attitude about Exercise

By Jeffrey T Spaeth LMT, CPT

It’s important to have a positive attitude toward yourself regardless of your body type. According to a recent AARP study, two of three people say exercise is the “best thing” they can do for their health.

The National Institutes of Health exercise guidelines recommended 300 minutes a week. When starting an exercise program, it is important to stay motivated and to develop a good exercise attitude.

Developing an exercise attitude

Beliefs Determine How You Think

Stanford University defines self efficacy as beliefs that “determine how people think and motivate themselves, and behave.” People with high levels of discipline approach difficult tasks as “challenges to be mastered rather than threats to be avoided.”

Consistency with exercise is the only way to see and keep results.  As we age, maintaining our bodies will be more challenging, but with the right attitude and consistency with gym time, results will be achievable. The benefits of exercise are obvious; they include handling stress better and having more energy and endurance. Exercise also creates a calming and relaxing feeling when completed.

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