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Getting An Early Start On Summer Workouts


This week we celebrate Memorial Day and remembered all the brave men and women that gave their lives so we can all enjoy our freedom! The week is also known as the beginning of the summer season which brings hot days, warm nights and the occasional afternoon thunderstorm.

Getting in your cardio exercise can be difficult and challenging during the heat of the day. However there are a number of ways you can still get a good session without the heat getting the best of you.

Who: You, and everyone else you bring along to get in on the action of working out this summer. These tips are good for youngsters, the average adult and our more seasoned folks too. Everyone can benefit.

What: It’s more like what to wear! In the summer, the heavy sweatpants and long-sleeved shirt will not work. Now it’s time for the lightweight fabrics, shorts and other gear that will help keep you cool during your workout session.

When: Walking or running can be done early in the morning or late in the evening. This helps avoid the hot rays of the summer sun while still getting your workout burn in for the day. Pay close attention to the weather forecast. In Florida, many meteorologists give you a heads up of when the heat will climb and also when to expect rain.

Where: An air conditioned gym is a great place to work cardio without getting overheated. If you can’t make it to the gym on an extra hot day, try working out at home or finding a cooler time to make it up.

Sporty Woman Wiping Sweat On Park Bench

Why: Heat can rob you of the energy you need to exercise. Alter your routine in the summer to make the most of your workout without all the heat. Early morning workouts may be the norm during the summer and in the fall you can go back to your normal schedule.

How: Try decreasing the intensity and frequency of your workouts to avoid hot temperatures that come with summer. If you prefer walking the neighborhood but can’t get out because it’s too hot or raining, then summer may be the time when you rely on a treadmill to get the job done.

I can’t stress enough, the need to drink lots of water during your workouts in the summer months.

Walking dog

You’ll find that just taking your dog on a brisk walk is a great way to exercise in the mornings before the sun begins to beam those great rays! Or consider waiting until after dinner or at dusk when you can enjoy the sunset and work off a big dinner at the same time.

Let’s all be motivated this summer, get an “early start” and drink lots of water to maximize the time spent working out. The Fitness Center at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club offers a variety of state-of-the-art amenities to enhance a summer workout. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or follow our blog for other fitness tips.


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