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Fitness Tip: Don’t Skip a Day In the Gym

Written By Jeffrey T. Spaeth, LMT, CPT

The famous quote by Rae Foley, “I always feel sorry for people who think more about a rainy day ahead than sunshine today,” makes the point to always keep a positive outlook on things. The philosophy is helpful when it comes to fitness and staying on task in the gym.

A positive outlook, no matter the goal, includes being able to stay in the moment – don’t worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself. Focus on the workout routine for the day and getting it done!

While it’s easy to skip a day and put off working out until tomorrow, the next day becomes the next and the pattern continues. Before long you realize a week or two has gone by and little has been accomplished.


A good rule of thumb is to get something done, even if it’s 10 minutes on the treadmill! A little goes a long way on a consistent basis. You’ll be surprised with the results. Then once you get the blood flowing, it becomes easier to stay motivated.

Don’t be tempted to skip your workout! You can always manage to fit it in and any day is a good one. Stop by the Golden Ocala Fitness Center to see me and let’s get you going.

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