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Finding Better Ways for Weight Loss in Ocala

You’ve seen them. Perhaps you might even be one – frantically, madly, ferociously pedaling, walking, cycling, bouncing, dancing, even running. They sweat, they pant; they’re always on the move, chasing some unseen goal of curvy, sleek brawn. And they will never stop, ever!

These are the exercise enthusiasts raging a high-energy campaign to lose that tenacious tummy or that bulky bottom. Who are they? They are the pursuers of weight loss in Ocala and everywhere else in the health-conscious world.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club certainly understand these ardent and admirable individuals attempting to lose those extra pounds gained during the way-too-happy holidays circa 1997. Not that we’re one of them, mind you.

But the question is: How do you lose weight from those tough areas, the infamous and ornery bellies and bottoms? They always seem the last to go.

Stop by Golden Ocala’s Fitness Center to Tackle the Tummy and Bust the Glutes

We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you that the first stop in taming your tummy and busting your glutes is at Golden Ocala’s state-of-the-art Fitness Center or by calling us at 352-402-4350.

Our Fitness Center has the finest in Italian exercise equipment with Technogym. The Technogym equipment line was used by the 2006 Winter Olympic athletes. Our Cardio Wave offers three planes of motion to accelerate results in endurance, strength and coordination.

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Now back to the big question (“big” as in importance, not size): How do we say our long goodbyes to the TBs (the tummies and bottoms)?

Prevention Magazine outlines nine ways to put the squeeze on the TBs:

  1. Get A Move On: It’s called visceral fat. And it may not like aerobic exercise as much as you. But any movement that elevates heart rates helps target tummies and glutes.
  2. Me Eat Meat: Go heavy on protein, especially as you get older. Louis Aronne, the director of Cornell’s Obesity Clinic, said: “Your body starts to produce more insulin as you age since your muscle and fat cells aren’t responding to it properly.” Diets high in protein tend to guard against insulin resistance.
  3. Polly Doesn’t Want Saturated Fats: Saturated fats pack on the belly-bottoms pounds. A Swedish study revealed that those who consumed polyunsaturated fats tended to gain muscle while the saturated fats people gained more of that visceral fat.
  4. Yuck, Eww and Ack: Belly and glute-fighters tended to see improvement after consuming a couple tablespoons of vinegar per day. “One theory is that the acetic acid in the vinegar produces proteins that burn up fat,” said Pamela Peeke, professor of medicine at the University of Maryland and author ofFight Fat After 40.
  5. Stretching The Truth: Try Yoga. One study showed postmenopausal women who did yoga saw big drops in visceral fat.
  6. Snooze You Lose: Literally. A 2010 study showed that five hours of sleep per night increases fat levels. Eight is the best to squeeze away those extra pounds.
  7. Snoring Is Boring: A regular sleep and wake schedule is the best way to keep fat levels low, according to a Brigham Young University study. Irregular sleep causes your body to secrete fat-storing hormones. That means no sleeping late on the weekends.
  8. Go Green, Go Lean: Green tea drinkers who exercise tended to lose the belly more quickly. It’s the antioxidant catechins that do the trick.
  9. Fiber Fun: Eat lots of it. People who eat at least 10 grams of fiber per day (which is about two small apples, one cup of green peas and a half cup of pinto beans) have less visceral fat, according to a 2011 study.

Our Fitness Center trainers can help you map out a plan and motivate you to send the extra padding packing. Stop by the Fitness Center  today and learn how we can help you get in top shape!

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