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Eccentric Training – Fitness


When people hear the word negative, it usually has an unfavorable connotation. This is not true in every case though. For example, using the word negative when talking about the ‘negative” technique of lifting weights. This technique can actually help you build muscle quicker than normal repetitions. What your accomplishing is working against the pull of gravity and “un-contracting” the muscle. This “negative” technique is known as eccentric training, or extending the muscle.


Eccentric training is a great way to sculpt and tone your muscles!

How Eccentric Training Works

Eccentric training requires more strength to “hold” the weight in position than it does to lift the weight. You should move the weight slowly to increase the resistance and keep proper body mechanics when working out. This will help reduce injury to your muscles, joints and ligaments as your body matures. This type of advanced training requires a spotter or a training specialist to assist you. Keeping proper alignment and movement though the exercise is essential if you want the most out of “negative” training.

Tell your friends your New Year’s resolution is to be more “negative”  this year and see the look on their face! Then bring them to the fitness center and work out together to begin building the muscle you have always wanted. I would be happy to show you the correct way to accomplish this type of exercise. Stop by the gym and take the first step to a long and happy life! For more exercise tips and tricks visit our fitness blog!