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Consistency in Training is Key

Written by Jeffrey T Spaeth, L.M.T, C.P.T.

You may ask what the most important element is when it comes to fitness and health. I believe consistency in training is one of the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle. This is because consistency will help you retain and grow muscle and cardiovascular endurance through regular exercise.

Don’t Over Train

When you are training, be sure to not train above your personal ability. This will reduce injury and help keep you on a path to being successful and achieving your goals in the gym. Never lift more weight than you can do without using proper body mechanics and posture. Using momentum to thrust heavy weights around is a recipe for disaster. Start with what you can do properly and work your way up from there.


Don’t train more than your body can handle.

Quality Over Quantity

It is actually possible to train less and become more fit by working out smart and asking for advice from a fitness professional. With proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, thirty minutes of training, three times a week is more than enough exercise for the average person to become healthy and to stay that way. Just make sure you stay consistent in your training! Make today the day you say “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” and choose to get health and stay healthy. Stop by the Golden Ocala Fitness Center and talk to me and let’s begin your journey to an healthy, more fit you!

Demonstrating the bicycle exercise.

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