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Barre Classes Now Available

The Fitness Center at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club is now offering barre classes — the ballet-inspired version of Pilates. Instructor Danielle D’Annunzio will be in the studio every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., guiding members through a series of isometric exercises, as well as active and passive stretching to lengthen different muscle groups. We’ll supply the portable bar, and you prepare to attain the body of a dancer via a mix of Pilates, plies, attitudes, dance, yoga and strength training — all for benefits you may not even know about yet.

Barre Method and Benefits

Barre is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to reshape the entire body, sculpting arms and flat abs and elongating thighs. It all starts with a warmup, upper-body exercises and pushups. Then comes leg and seat workouts at the bar, followed by core exercises. These core exercises emphasize endurance, balance and flexibility via muscle rotations and shifting from one leg to another, while standing tall, keeping your shoulders back and repeating stretches. Ultimately, you’re using your body weight, coupled with instructor-selected props, to complete different types of instructed exercises that are coordinated to music.

The ability of barre to tone, not bulk up, your entire body is a result of the isolation of certain muscles. By tapping into smaller muscles, thereby protecting the bigger muscles that surround them, you’re hitting spots that are not touched during other exercises. Not only does this give you the lean body you desire, but it prevents injuries, making it a must-try method for everyone.

Tapping into Pilates

Since barre at Golden Ocala is Pilates without a mat, some of the exercises that members can expect during this class are:

  • The Knee Bend – Pinpoints and works glutes and abs with lunges and raises
  • Rond De Jambe — Works out glutes and inner thighs with ballet-type positions
  • Standing Hip Extension — Targets hips, butt and thighs using an exercise ball
  • Calf Releve — Targets hips, butt, thighs and legs by turning out the hips and engaging leg muscles from heels to butt
  • Plie Bend and Stretch — Works the inner and outer thigh muscles by bending the knees, raising the back up to plie and elevating onto demi pointe for five deep breaths

Beginning Barre

With workout or yoga wear, you’re ready to begin barre. In terms of footwear, a ballet slipper is ideal, but jazz shoes or dance sneakers work for support, as well. Socks are off limits, as you could easily slip.

And before you come to class, you may want to read up on Joseph Pilates’ motivation to develop the exercises that have transitioned into the methods you will practice in barre class. Other than that, just let this exercise captivate you and do the trick!


Danielle and the Golden Ocala Fitness Center hope you’ll give barre a try and experience unique ways of obtaining positive results. For more information, call (352) 402-4350.