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Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2014

Written by Barbara Whatley, Spa & Fitness Director.

With each new year comes the freedom of a fresh start…

Lots of people use the new year as an opportunity to set goals for themselves, whether it’s slimming down to a smaller dress size, getting organized, or just taking their time to enjoy the sweeter moments in life. Though as widespread as New Year’s resolutions are, studies by the University of Scranton show that only 8% of Americans who set New Year’s resolutions are actually successful in achieving them.

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Be in That Successful 8%

If you are setting out to lose weight or get fit in 2014, the three points below will help you become a part of that successful 8% who achieve their fitness goals.

  1. Create fitness resolutions that are realistic and reachable. If you set goals that are far beyond a simple challenge, you’re more likely to get discouraged and quit when you fail to make the progress you anticipated. On the contrary, reaching the occasional milestone can serve as encouragement, boosting your confidence and drive. This is why a good fitness resolution comes with both a plan of tactics and a timeline for execution.
  2. Find someone to be your exercise partner. One of the most important aspects of sticking to a plan is having accountability. Having a friend with similar fitness goals or a personal trainer can help keep you motivated to reach your goals. On those rainy, cozy mornings when it would be easy to hit snooze and delay your workout until tomorrow, a fitness trainer can help keep you on track. If you make appointments with a trainer, you’ll be more likely to keep them because you won’t want to inconvenience them and mess up their schedule. Personal trainers can also teach you how to be more effective in your workouts, as well as show you how to properly use new equipment such as free-weights. Golden Ocala’s fitness center offers personal trainers to assist our members in reaching their fitness goals. Members, we suggest booking a personal trainer twice a week to start your year off right!
  3. Keep it interesting! Getting up and doing the same routine every day can lead to burnout. If you find yourself bored, mix your workout up a bit with a new exercise routine or a group fitness class. Golden Ocala offers Yoga, Zumba, Step & Sculpt, and stretching classes for our mem­bers. You’ll be more likely to follow through with a workout if you can look forward to a new, fun way to exercise.

We Can Assist You With Your Fitness Goals!

As a member at Golden Ocala, you can have access to all the tools necessary to keep your fitness resolutions in 2014. Our Fitness Center has top-of-the-line equipment, personal trainers, group fitness classes, and more. If you’d like more information about joining our private club and gaining access to these great amenities, check out our 2014 Membership Categories.