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What Are The Wildest Wedding Ceremonies in Recent History?

It’s understandable that brides and grooms would want to make their wedding day the time of their lives. That special occasion etches an immemorial impression upon their hearts.

The trappings of a wonderful wedding are often extravagant, beautiful and grand. Enormous planning and preparation go into orchestrating that picture-perfect ceremony and reception.

But what about the wild ones – those folks who always want to take everything to the extreme?

What are some of the wildest wedding ceremonies in recent history?

Here are some of the most outrageous from Your Tango:

  • The Mostess for Hostess: A bride at a wedding in Sri Lanka showed up with 126 bridesmaids. (We’re wondering if anyone knows who got the bouquet.)
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath: A couple in Poland, both licensed divers, took their wedding below sea level – with 303 divers attending.
  • Pearly Gates: Yumi Katsura of Japan wore 13,262 pearls on her wedding dress.
  • Bustin’ Out: In Sao Paulo, Brazil, 120 prisoners got married to their brides in 2000.
  • Rumble, Rumble: In Bratislava, Slovakia, Peter Schmidl and Anna Turceková led a procession of 597 motorcyclists on their bikes.
  • Money Talks: In 1995, Jayalalitha Jayaram spent $23,299,162 for her foster son’s wedding reception, which included 150 guests. The menu alone cost $621,311. The wedding was held in India.
  • Just One Slice, Please: Chefs for Mohegan Sun in Connecticut made the world’s largest wedding cake at 15,032 pounds.
  • The Long and Winding Veil: Sandra Mechleb of Lebanon wore the longest wedding veil at 11,017 feet.
  • Ruff, Ruff: The largest dog wedding was held in 2007 with 178 canine couples.
  • Flying High: In 2009, Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor exchanged vows in zero gravity in a modified Boeing 727-200.

Bride and bridesmaids at a wedding

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