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Let Golden Ocala Help You With Your Holiday Gift-Giving

It’s undeniable – the atmosphere. It seems to permeate the air; it’s everywhere – in every of sector of our lives: our homes, our neighborhoods, the stores, the television programs, even our political institutions. We are designed to celebrate. We were created as givers, to transfer something of ourselves to others.

It is the Christmas spirit – an essential element of our natures that we cannot comprehend but we, nonetheless, embrace, full heartedly.

At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, we too want to submerse ourselves in the wonderful sentiment of giving. We give to others – truly – to express our recognition of their value, of their worth to us.

So we present to you some tips to help with your giving.Let us at Golden Ocala help you find ways to fill your stocking with the perfect gifts for those special ones in your life.

Holiday Gift Giving Tips

Giving Gracious Gifts

Here are 10 tips from Woman’s Day that may help steer you in the right direction:

  1. Checking It Twice: First, don’t have the attitude “You give, therefore I give.” Examine your relationships. If you haven’t seen someone in a year and didn’t exchange birthday gifts, forget about it, said Leah Ingram, author of The Everything Etiquette Book and founder of www.giftsandetiquette.com. Send them a card.
  2. Let’s Be Practical: Think about what the person may need. Sometimes gift cards may be more suitable especially for people starting out in careers or families.
  3. Resist, resist, resist: Don’t give in to the temptation to match dollar for dollar. “If people are buying extravagantly, they should be doing it because they want to—not because they expect anything in return,” Ingram said. Gifts bought out of pressure rather than thoughtfulness lose their meaning, she said.
  4. Paperwork: Include the receipt. “If they need to exchange it because it’s the wrong size or they have it already, why make it more difficult for them?” Ingram said.
  5. Two Become One: “Once somebody gets into a relationship, I think it’s OK to shift your gift giving from individual to couple,” Ingram said. Sometimes the best gifts for couples are certificates to restaurants.
  6. The Policy Makers: Experts agree. It’s OK to give gifts to coworkers who have helped you. But it’s never OK to give your boss a gift. “It could send the wrong message,” Ingram said. The bottom line: Follow company policy.
  7. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: It’s not good etiquette to ask family members or close friends what they want. It may make them feel obligated to get you something in return. “If you’re stuck, consider their hobbies or the place they’re at in their lives. The gift should acknowledge those things,” Ingram said.
  8. The Tipster: A good rule: Go double. That’s for gifts for hairstylists, housecleaners or other type of helpers. “If you normally tip your stylist 20 percent, give her 40 percent. If you pay your cleaning lady $100, give her $200,” Ingram said.
  9. It’s Such a Lonely Word: Be honest when someone gives you a surprise gift. “I call it ambush gift giving, and it’s a tough situation,” Ingram said. How should you respond? “Tell them you’re touched, surprised—and perhaps slightly embarrassed that you don’t have anything for them—and let that be it.”
  10. Hand-Me-Ups: Regifting is OK. Nearly 70 percent of Americans find it acceptable, according to eBay. “Passing along the unwanted gift to someone else is not only OK, it’s smart,” Ingram said. The best regifts: picture frames, note cards, candles and bottles of wine, sparkling cider or champagne.

Stay tuned to this section for more articles on holiday gift-giving, special promotions and great packages. What do you think of our tips? Keep up with all of the latest news from Golden Ocala by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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