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‘Glow In The Dark’ Tennis Coming To Golden Ocala

In your right mind, you’d never think of playing tennis in the dark. Sobriety and good, old-fashioned rational thinking tend to guide most people into making wiser decisions, especially one that involves preventing a furry, little ball from hitting you in the face at 100 mph.

But, for those less inclined to preserving their health and well-being, playing in the dark sounds like a whole lot of bouncy fun. The whole problem, however, is spending the time finding the ball after a particularly aggressive serve or return. You may spend more time looking than actually playing.

But not Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club. It’s Glow in the Dark tennis time at our courts. Starting in March, XGLOsive LLC will be offering tennis in the dark – except for the balls, the court boundary lines, the rackets and the players’ outfits.

The Altamonte Spring, Florida-based company aims at getting more young people involved in the game.

Getting More Millennials Involved in Sport

“We either participated in the many competitive team sports leagues — like tennis, flag football, softball, basketball — or we simply went out at night to different parties or night clubs,” tennis pro Jason Cordova told the United States Tennis Association. Cordova organizes XGLOsive events in the Orlando area. “XGLOsive brings you the mix of both.”

XGLOsive’s website’s states that the company “offers a one or two court set up at your preferred tennis site and is based on the participant count. Each event is typically 1.5 hours in duration. One court can support up to 18 individual participants and double that with our two court setup. Based on night time availability, XGLOsive can provide two sessions in one night and/or sessions on two consecutive nights.”

Cordova’s said players are pleasantly surprised at the court arrangements and enjoy the way the game is played.

XGLOsive Tennis at Golden Ocala

“Just seeing an amazed look on everyone’s faces when they walked onto our black-light court with our hip hop club music playing, motivated me even more to take this to another level,” he said. “We are just finishing-up fabricating our second XGLOsive court set up. We are planning to travel and set up at other tennis facilities and will be able to handle double the amount of participants at new locations.”

The Tennis Club at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club provides many bright options to shine some light on ways to improve your game. Take lessons or join a group or day leagues. Our professional instructors introduce tennis to you at a comfortable level geared to your abilities and skill level.

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