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Decorating for Summertime Parties

From brunches, to barbecues, to dinner parties and, of course, bridal showers, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club is always ready to decorate your summertime occasion. But if you’d much rather be your own decorator this time around, we’re here to guide you through what can be one of the best parts of party planning.


Colors, Centerpieces and Displays of Food

For starters, summer entertaining — be it for a holiday or the like — is almost always done outside, and decorating of any kind is built on that outdoor factor. Guests will be seated by a pool, spring, beach or lake, but the food should be placed on the lanai or in an air-conditioned space. That being said, the food and beverages can easily become a decoration in and of itself. To make everything pop and look particularly appetizing, rather than creating clutter, consider sorting food and drink items by levels. On the Fourth of July, those levels may even include mason jars of baby’s breath, sunflowers and utensils.

These levels and the items that surround them will set the tone for your centerpieces of choice. First and foremost, any centerpiece should not block any guest’s view of anyone or anything. Midsize lanterns, for example, are too tall. Organic balloon centerpieces — which are balloons arranged in a shape or cluster — picture walls or even simple flowers in a mix of glass bottles can not only be pretty, but tasteful. And if you decide to go with a non-floral centerpiece, do not let that discourage you from incorporating simple, fresh flowers of some kind into your overall party décor. It adds a personal touch and lets guests know that a trendy party host or hostess is among them.

Then, think about colors for your party. If it’s a brunch, rely on softer colors with one or two colors that pop, and for other types of summertime parties, refer only to bright and bold colors. A patriotic palette for July 4th seems obvious, but other occasions call on some out-of-the-box thinking. A few things to keep in mind – flamingos and pineapples are still popular, as well as are banana leaves, palms, peaches and pinks.

If you remember nothing else while decorating for your party, remember that anything goes. Traditional — in other words, trying to match everything — is outdated and not very festive.


Know Your Audience

While most of your decorating choices should not revolve around the age group of your guests or the guests’ relation to you, there is an exception — children. If it’s a child’s party, no one will know your audience better than a child. So, ask for his or her input when it comes to flowers, fabrics and other forms of fun. And for the party itself, always have coloring pages, crayons and bubbles ready, regardless of the theme — some things never get old!

Golden Ocala’s event staff has plenty of additional decorating tips up their sleeve. Pick a team member’s brain at (352) 402-4376.