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Check Out Golden Ocala’s May Events, Including the Luau in Ocala

Four thousand, six hundred and 52 miles. That’s the distance from Florida to Hawaii. By airplane, that’s about 10 hours. If you could walk the distance (and swim it really fast), it would take you more than a year. You would basically have to forget about making it to any Hawaiian luau celebration this year, and you’d be awfully tired once you did arrive.

But if you wanted to go to a luau in Ocala, that’s another story. Now we’re talking. In fact, we at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club are holding our world-famous (well, almost) Luau at the Pool Friday, May 13.

We will be doing some major luauing. The event is 6 – 8 p.m. and includes dinner and a show by the Lanakilas, a world-class, Orlando-based Polynesian entertainment group that puts the holy smokes back in luau experience.

For more than 25 years, Lanakilas, based out of Universal Orlando, has traveled the world exciting audiences with a range of the amazing packages, including general sessions, college activities, backyard luaus and Hawaiian weddings.

Extremely versatile, Lanakilas adopts its presentations to any age group and audience. Just come and be amazed at Polynesian dancers and a fire walker. Fee for adults is $50 and $25 for children under 12. Reservations are required by calling 352-629-6229.

Golden Ocala Holding Other Events in May

Other spectacular events at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club to celebrate the merry month of May include:

  • Mexican Night at Raspberry’s on May 5
  • Mother’s Day Garden Buffet on May 7
  • Mother’s Day Brunch on May 8
  • BBQ at Pool on May 30

Golden Ocala Luau Dancers

Men and women were prohibited from eating with each other during ancient Hawaiian luaus, which modern Hawaiians associate with the word “party”. Women during ancient times were banned from eating the special food served during the luaus. King Kamehameha II rescinded those religious restrictions in 1819 and ate with the women as a symbolic gesture to show the restrictions had been lifted. This habit established the first official luaus.

Here at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club we have few restrictions other than the requirement that you have fun and enjoy yourself.  Call us today at 352-369-6969 to learn more about the Golden Ocala’s May events.

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